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Inventory Management & Stock Control 

Comprehensively manage inventories and automatically update your website stock with the iPages Inventory Management. Stock Control will display different stock control policies and control stock levels even where products are made up of other products e.g. a hampers or dinner service.

Stock Control considers the effect pending orders has on stock, and having stock sourced for multiple sites from a central stock area. Stock Control is also simple to set up and we will provide full assistance to ensure that you can make the most of this feature.

"iPages have enabled us to let our website manage all our online orders, stock and fulfilment exports. Their understanding of our business processes really helped us grow online." MAKE International

iPages Stock Control

B2B/B2C orders 

Sell to consumer and trade customers within one integrated website with our Trade feature.

iPages offers sophisticated functionality to allow you to sell B2B and B2C within the same website. This enables you to service both trade and retail customers without setting up two separate websites.

With this feature, you can control the prices seen by trade or retail customers and their respective product pack sizes on the back-end of the website. When viewing your website, your trade customers simply log into your retail website and see a whole different range of prices. For example, a normal visitor could see a single item and price, whereas, once logged in, the trade customer could purchase a pack of 10 at the trade price.

Financial exports 

Export all your financial data to major accountancy packages, such as SAGE, in the click of a button.

iPages Financial Exports allow you to synchronise your iPages website with your accounts software, giving you financial control over your online shop.

By linking to all of the major finance software packages with your online shopping cart you will be able to seamlessly link together your online sales and your financial records and all of your data can be synchronised between your finance software and your core business systems.

The iPages Financial Exports integrate with many of the leading accounts packages such as Sage and Excel by exporting customisable CSV files. This gives you the ability to view and report on your online sales history and process all online sales directly into your finance package.


Order management 

Gain control of the entire order process with the iPages Order Management System (OMS)

The iPages eCommerce Order Management System provides comprehensive order lifecycle management functionality that seamlessly supports the entire eCommerce system from purchase through to shipping.

iPages integrates eCommerce with easy to use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) so that you can optimise the customer management process from order fulfillment all the way through to accounting, without needing to know any HTML.

Fulfilment Tracking 

iPages allows you to track orders throughout the fulfilment process and change their status in the order log. Orders can be Pending, On Hold, Dispatched and Completed.


Payment Channels 

Payment by Card: iPages provides a secure, PCI compliant, integrated checkout that can facilitate payment by Credit Cards, PayPal and Sage Pay. Using 3D Secure, iPages has partnered with Monek Monek UPG, Europe's leading independent Payment Card Processor so you can receive payments in your internet merchant bank account.

BACS/On Account: With iPages your customers can purchase on account and make payment later by BACS or cheque.

Direct Debit: Enables repeat billing, subscription and monthly payments with integrated Direct Debit payments.