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screen showing iPages ecommerce sales Reporting

Sales Reporting 

Find Best Sellers

Most loyal customers and track your sales over time.

Gain invaluable insights

Into your business and help inform your decisions over buying and promoting your product set.

"As with any new system it can be daunting, but rest assured that iPages is user friendly, well-designed and very clearly laid out. It contains everything you will need to know about your online business right at your finger tips, in one back office. It’s bursting with information keeping you up to date and right on track."

Melissa Strong, Strong Natural Paints

Real-time Inventory Reporting 

We understand stock is the heart your eCommerce business.

Remove the risk of double-selling

By tracking your stock levels throughout the sales process, across all your sales channels.

Import/Export your stock levels

For your offline reporting. All that is required is an initial Excel spreadsheet of your stock.

Multi-warehouse stock management

And transfers to track stock, wherever this is held. 

Report on bundles, complex product bundles

And composite products. However you buy or sell your products, sophisticated stock control will track your SKUs. 

screen showing comprehensive ecommerce sales reporting

Comprehensive Business Reporting 

iPages lets you manage your data, and analyse your business, with extensive and integrated reports.

Email Campaign Reports:

Track the success of your email campaigns with reports on open rate, click rate, links clicked, time of opening, and number of sales generated.

Sales Reports:

Understand your customers via reports on daily sales, sales by period (including month), customer turnover, and transaction analysis.

Search Engine Statistics:

View your web stats directly in your admin panel and hone your optimisation and marketing accordingly. With reports on your users, their behaviour, how they found you, where they went on the site, how long they spent on each page, where they exited, and so much more, you will be able to determine how well your site is performing online.

Customised reports:

Export customised reports so you can determine the best way to grow your business online.

"The reports are really helpful to track how people use our website and see if we need to make any changes." - Sarah Grantham, True Bride