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iPages MD Speaks on Family Business Conference Panel Discussion

13 November 2019 12:30

Last Monday, Katherine Khoo, MD of iPages, spoke at the Family Business Conference on a panel related to 'Tech vs People'. 

The Family Business Conference aims to support family businesses through support, advice, networking and events. The conference was themed upon the use of technology to help family businesses to be innovators and disruptors. Speakers included Sanjay Arora, of the Arora Hotel group, and Ben Bardsley from Bardsley Farms. 

Katherine was asked to join the all-female panel discussion, contributing to the conversation from her experience in eCommerce and Retail. The discussion focussed on the current eCommerce landscape, the future of the high street, security in the digital age, and the ethics of online retail. 

Katherine's specific questions were around the current retail landscape, voice search and the challenges of branding in an increasingly digital world. 

On the current retail landscape, we are all bombarded with news about the 'death of the high street' and Katherine spoke about the huge shift in customers' expectations of an online store. She also spoke about the shortening of the supply chain that we are seeing across businesses and, of course, the use of multiple channels or platforms to sell products through. 

When looking at voice search, Katherine spoke about how voice search is currently impacting low value consumables and is used primarily by busy parents. Voice search uses long tail keywords to help identify products that meet the consumers needs, so the advice to product sellers is to listen carefully to how your product is described, and ensure these terms appear in your descriptions on your website, on Amazon and on Google Shopping. 

Finally on branding, Katherine advised the businesses to ensure that every interaction with their customer is consistent and trustworthy. Start by looking at where your customers are, and then meet them through these channels whether it be online or offline.

iPages is created by Khoo Systems and we are proud to be a second-generation family run software development firm. To have the opportunity to be surrounded by other family businesses, as well as speaking about technology and eCommerce was an absolute dream. 

If you would like to know more about Khoo Systems and the team behind the software, you can take a read here