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iPages is a customisable, affordable, and easy-to-use eCommerce order & inventory management solution.

Hosted, supported and developed in the UK.

What does the iPages eCommerce platform do?

iPages manages your eCommerce business entirely, providing everything from secure website hosting, order management, multi-channel (or multi website) inventory control, extensive sales reports through to front end website design.

How is this different from other eCommerce solutions?

Other platforms tend to provide a narrower offering, i.e. just an online cart. From experience, this does work. However, it requires additional development, plugins or integrations to truly provide you with all the elements you’ll need to manage your eCommerce business.

Why do people choose iPages?

Our different approach to eCommerce means customers choose us for the following reasons:

Guaranteed, high quality end-to-end eCommerce solutions

  • Hosted and developed by eCommerce experts
  • Extensive research to provide the best end solution
  • Fast page load speeds
  • Manage complex product offerings

Holistic Support

  • Comprehensive support that takes into account all aspects of your online sales
  • Find the best way for your business to move forwards

Unhindered Growth

  • A scalable eCommerce platform
  • Start only using some features and then grow
  • Sell multi-channel, multi-currency and cross-border