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iPages undertake a photo-shoot for eCommerce Website Success!

24 November 2011 17:05

It is amazing that the sun shone on Wednesday afternoon as the iPages' team picked up their painted board and props to take shots for one of their eCommerce website clients. Pure Fresh Tea was in need of a refresh, as we've mentioned, and so we set to work with a Christmas theme.

We are really pleased at iPages that our team can rise to producing professional pictures courtesy of excellent products from Pure Fresh Tea, the right light and perfect settings. We all also spent a lot of time in our lofts trawling through Christmas decorations to ensure that we had the right ornaments for the shoot!

Not only is our client really pleased, but so are we. We are also really proud that our eCommerce websites can be quickly redesigned without having to cost a lot of money, nor does the site have to close (which is particularly important at this time of year) during the redesign.
So we are busy drinking tea and munching biscuits today - these being left from the shoot, but we trust that all goes well for Pure Fresh Tea and their Christmas marketing.