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A hosted platform with a reputation for reliability

UK-based virtual cloud hosting for high availability & speed.

Most eCommerce platforms will either use alternative hosting partners, or leave you to find your own hosting for your website. iPages is an all inclusive eCommerce package, giving you your website hosting along with all the content management tools. 

We host on our own virtual cloud within the UK, keeping all your services based on-shore. 

secure cloud hosting solutions

Stay up, all the time

We've all heard stories of websites crashing due to servers going down, particularly around busy periods. With our load-balancing and ability to control our own cloud hosting, we are able to provide an exceptionally high up-time for your online store.

Unique ability to cut site speeds

By controlling our own hardware, we are able to uniquely use this to help speed up iPages websites. With nifty in-house image optimisation software, we get the servers to do the heavy lifting of images and serve images at the correct size for each device. 

Uncompromising security & regular back-ups

Rest assured that your eCommerce website is secure with firewall management, regular compliance scans and 24/7 monitoring. We also back-up our servers regularly to ensure you're never left without your data, should the worst occur. 

Speak with eCommerce hosting experts

Should any technology issues occur, you are able to speak to the team immediately to get an update. No call centres, no fake answers, just an honest service. 

Level 5 PCI-DSS compliance

Our servers are PCI DSS certified at Level 5, for passing card data onto your chosen card processor. This gives you the ability to use an integrated, smooth checkout (no redirects off to payment sites!) for added trust and a professional look, without having to worry about your site security. 

Optional site-wide HTTPS for trust 

All iPages sites can become HTTPS through a secure certificate. This helps build trust with your customers and, importantly, stops those 'insecure website' messages. 

"The continued customer service is outstanding, you know that they have become as invested in your business as you are, something that is always missing from the large SaaS providers."


Our ecommerce hosting & security features:

Built-in speed optimisation
Unlimited bandwidth.
Unlimited site size (recommended fair usage of 2GB)
Fast content delivery network.
Ability to use existing, or buy new domains
Optional email service
Optional SSL certificate 
Optional domain management or domain name serving
Level 5 PCI DSS compliance