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Rare Rabbit Video Transcript

“I’m Clare and I’m the owner of Rare Rabbit. It’s a lifestyle gift shop that I set up nearly two years ago. I trained as a textile designer so I knew lots of brands that I wanted to get in. I make silver jewellery as well so thought that would be a nice showcase and wanted to have somewhere that makers and designers from the area could showcase their products.
iPages?... One of my suppliers had a revamp on their website and I thought it looked fantastic so I checked who had done it and it was iPages so I just clicked through and went to have a look at what else they had done and there were other people that I knew.
So I phoned through and had a good chat with Heather. She was brilliant, just fantastic, really east to speak to, she seemed to really get me and understand my shop.

I mean, there are hundreds of people out there who can make websites but to get to the heart of it is the main thing really, and to put the feeling of the shop online was what I tried to do and hopefully that is what we have achieved."