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CTA's demystified - 5 things to know about Calls to Action

24 March 2015 21:21

The 'Call to Action' or 'CTA' is more than just the latest web marketing buzzword and deserves some proper thought.

What exactly are 'CTA's?! And who/what/when/where/why should they be used?

1) What are CTAs?

A Call to Action (CTA) is simply an instruction to the audience to provoke an immediate response using words such as 'visit shop' or 'find out more'. Do you want them to click through to your shop? Would you like them to read more? Are you asking them to get in touch? This instruction is the CTA. On a website, these instructional words or 'calls to action' are often put within a banner or a button helping to draw your visitors eye to the action you want them to do on your page and hopefully to prompt the visitor to click on it and be directed through your website. The button itself or the banner is often referred to as a Call To Action since it is a visual way of engaging and calling your visitor to do an action on your website.

2) Why should you use them?

CTA's are essential for signposting users through your webpage. To be blunt, they must be used to direct viewers through your website so that they convert from viewers to prospects, from browsers to customers.

3) Who should use CTAs?

Any website owner needs clear calls to action. Whether you spell it out or not, you are asking your viewer to take an action when they visit your website.

4) When should you use a CTA?

Herein lies the art. Calls to action must be used with some degree of thought and design to ensure your user has a clear, enjoyable visit to your website. There is a whole psychology behind when it is best to use a call to action so for further information it's best to get reading and get in touch.

5) Where should you use a CTA?

Again, there is plenty of science that we could quote on where it is best to place your CTA on a webpage. However, we shall leave the reading to you. In general, analysts and Usability Experience (UX) designers tend to advise placing your call to action above the webpage 'fold' (though this is not always necessary) and ensuring that it is signalled clearly throughout the rest of the webpage content.

Anything else to know? There are plenty of other resources around the internet so if you fancy further reading we recommend;

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3) CTA's above or below the fold?

However, if you are anything like us and prefer working these things through with someone else, do not hestitate to get in touch and one of our design team would be more than happy to assist you.