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How Can I Search My Entire iPages Website?

12 May 2015 13:48

iPages Search Site Content tool

iPages has many powerful tools  to help you manage your website, from searching your entire website to checking all associated content. These tools are available by going to My Site > Tools > Search. 

When would I want to search my website backend? 

This tool is for those moments when you just wish you could find something, whether it be a product or a word, on your site but cannot think where it would be. Both eCommerce and showcase websites can benefit from using the search function.

Whether you're searching for a product or page, you can now simply type in the product title into the search bar and find all products or pages with that word in. This powerful search will look in the page template, layout, tags, associated content, images and files. The search will return all places the text was found, grouped by the section they were found in. 

You can now also search your page metatags for particular keywords - making SEO easier and speeding up your keyword analysis! By searching your appearance presets and associated content, your web designer now has the ability to find all custom styles and code.   

So, essentially searching your website speeds up managing your site content and layout. 

How do I go about searching my website? 

These tools are available by going to My Site > Tools > Search.