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Find Out How Easy The eCampaign Tool Is To Use!

15 July 2015 09:07

Our eCampaign tool could not be easier to use. Watch the video to find out how you could be creating email campaigns within minutes.

10 Simple Steps

Follow these steps to make email campaigns using the iPages CRM eCampaign tool:

    1. Enter your iPages CRM and click eCampaigns
    2. New, eCampaign
    3. Edit, Design
    4. Drag and drop your design template into place 
    5. Add images and drag into place
    6. Add text and style as you would like
    7. Format your text using 'Header 3' and 'Paragraph' 
    8. Add a spam filter at the top, Header 5, Centre Align 
    9. Send a test email when you are ready to go
    10. Check your settings in Settings, eCampaigns

Can we help?

We want you to benefit from this easy to use marketing tool so do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like more information or help with creating your eCampaign.