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How Do You Effectively Upsell Online? 3 Tips From iPages

10 August 2015 17:23

We all know those moments when we go into a shop to 'just get some milk' and leave with a boot-full of stuff we don't really need, but bought anyway because it was on offer.

Imagine having customers do the same on your eCommerce shop.

It should be pretty straightforward, but all to often ecommerce sites miss out on simple ways to upsell/cross-sell and don't take advantage of the flexibility that the internet can add to promotional marketing.

Here are our top 3 favourite ways of boosting sales online. It's not rocket science (although we do have one such scientist in-house) but if your eCommerce system doesn’t support these functions, you need to get a new one.

1. Related items

The good old related items feed cannot be under-estimated. Adding a 'customers who bought this item also bought' section is a great way to push sales without being too intrusive. Over-play the number of clicks to get through the checkout and your respective customer may well jump site, but a panel of handy looking suggestions proves surprisingly effective.

Add a related items feed to a product page and see what happens. We dare you.

2. Multibuy sets

One feature eCommerce sites often miss out on is a multibuy facility. We've all been tempted by a BOGOF in a supermarket or discounted multi-pack, and the internet is no different. In fact, with no heavy bags to carry, attaching multibuy options to products seems a clear way to entice customers. 

Try a couple of multi-buy variations to get the right combination and be sensitive to the type of product. Customers may be more likely to buy a selection of wines over a bottle when shopping online, but not many people will buy two wood burning stoves in one day. (But if you are selling wood burning stoves, a multibuy set with logs or accessories could work very well indeed.)

Multibuy sets don't have to be limited to one product; as with related items, the trick is anticipate what a customer will be likely to pay that bit extra for and group them together. Check if your website system can set up multibuy offers such as buy one get one free, or buy 2 and get 50% off the third item. It's possible with iPages. We're just saying...

3. Promotional voucher codes

One promotional tool that's really taken off is the 'free shipping on orders over X' offer, but feel free to be creative with your discounts.

iPages lets you create voucher codes for set promotional periods and campaigns. You can specify a minimum order value, discount rate, and usage rules from your admin area. Ask the iPages team how to upgrade your eCommerce facilities today.