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"As with any new system it can be daunting, but rest assured that iPages is user friendly, well-designed and very clearly laid out. It contains everything you will need to know about your online business right at your finger tips, in one back office. It’s bursting with information keeping you up to date and right on track." Melissa Strong, Strong Natural Paints

The Company

Strong Natural Paints is an independent, UK based, eco-friendly paint provider. Using the experience gained in over a decade of interior decorating, Strong Natural Paints has created a range of eco-friendly paints in 26 beautiful colours and finishes.

The Challenge

Strong Natural Paints needed a website that would not only help them sell their paints online but would help them promote their eco-friendly ethos and brand. 

The iPages Solution

iPages reflected Strong Natural Paint's passion for producing quality paint by displaying their array of paints with meticulous attention to detail. Strong Natural Paint can sell colours in a variety of sizes and finishes thanks to iPages' product customisation. 

Strong Natural Paints benefits from:

  • iPages eCommerce and News tools
  • A beautiful and strongly branded design