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How To Target Your Existing eCommerce Customers

02 December 2015 18:43

When it comes to marketing, information is incredibly important. The more you know about your customers, the better you can tell them about your products, as you know what they like!

One commonly used technique is to send targetted HTML emails.

Definition: Targetted HTML emails are e-campaigns specifically designed and sent to a group of customers.

Targetting customers has been shown to increase open rates and in turn, conversions by over 20%.

So, targetted emails are a tried and tested means of increasing sales. How can you go about segmenting your customers? Here are some examples of how to use your customer data for targetting:

1. Customers who have bought certain brands

Customers who purchase particular brands are giving you an indication of their purchasing preferences.

They are likely to respond well to emails which feature this brand of product and perhaps offer them tailored discounts.

Within iPages you can do this within 5 clicks: Customers, Advanced Search, filter by brand, check all and export to 'New Mailing List'

2. Customers who have bought within a certain period

When customers buy within a certain period, i.e. after your offline marketing peaks or over particular holidays, they are giving you information about the dates they value.

You can use this information to help give them seasonal products or timely offers, that suit their preferred buying periods.

Again within iPages, this can be set up within clicks: Customers, Advanced Search, set Date period, check all, and export to New Mailing List.

3. Customers who have bought multiple times

When customers have bought from you more than once, they are demonstrating that they are loyal fans of your products.

It always pays to recognise and reward loyalty, so why not send them tailored offers and discounts to show your appreciation.

Again on the Customer screen, your loyal customers can be segmented within clicks.

What next?

Once you have your customer segment, in your defined mailing list, all that is left is to send a beautifully branded and targetted email.

Within CRM, e-Campaigns this can be easily setup. However, if you need any assistance or would like to take advantage of our £75 introductory HTML email setup, then do not hesitate to call.

Can we help?

For more information on targetting your customers or advise on improving your email marketing, do not hesitate to call. Our experienced team would love to chat and see what would be best for your business.

Source: iPages Marketing Team, with input from Enterprise Nation's latest blog.