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Development Update: New Mega Drop-Down Functionality

20 April 2016 12:35

iPages have recently released new mega-drop down functionality.  The term ‘mega drop-down’ refers to the drop-down menus that are located within the horizontal navigation at the top of a website. 

As many web designers know, the fashion around mega drop downs has changed dramatically online. Back in 2011, mega drop downs were not considered a feature that could significantly aid sales however, fast forward to 2015 and recent studies have shown how these increase customer engagement and enable a faster buying experience. Stores such as Argos and Asos have both embraces full width mega drop down’s, giving customers an extensive view of their ranges with sub headings. 

 Ordinarily to add a mega drop down to any eCommerce store requires extensive web development involvement and cannot usually be edited by your end customer. 

How have iPages enabled easier mega drop down options?

iPages have released new mega drop down functionality which allows web designers to build complex and highly functional mega drop down’s whilst allowing end customers to edit the content of their drop down as their eCommerce store evolves. Creative Director Emma says, “it’s highly functional; you can create a contemporary, modern drop down, with a few clicks and no CSS. It’s perfect for our client’s as they can edit the content themselves and benefit from an array of string options without extensive development"

The iPages mega drop-down in action 

Many of iPages clients have already benefitted from the new mega drop down functionality, including Keith Brymer Jones and De Jager International: 


Can we help? 

If you would like further information about how to benefit from this new functionality, do not hesitate to get in touch and our design team would be more than happy to help.