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What Makes a Winning Social Media Strategy

12 July 2016 11:28

As much as we may try, it is impossible to get away from some form of social media. There are currently more than one billion people active on Facebook, 300 million people on Instagram, 310 million users on Twitter, 400 million users on LinkedIn and 150 million Snapchat users. 

Social media is so much a part of our everyday lives, it makes sense that your business should at least be active on one platform. Just as you would talk to your friends about your day at work, it is important and now expected that businesses are seen to be alive in the social media world. 

How do you make a winning social media strategy? 

1. Define the value of social media for your business

A winning social media strategy simply has the aim of generating value for your business using social media. It is important you define what 'value' would mean for you however, this can be in the form of leading people to your website, promoting a particular product or sale and building brand awareness. 

So, to create a winning social media strategy you first need to define the value to your business social media will generate. 

2. Choose the platforms you will use (carefully!) 

With your definition of value in your mind, decide the platforms your business will use. Just because Facebook works well for one business, deos not mean that it will be as effective for another. Think carefully about your demographic and target audience, and then where they are most active. 

3. Plan the messages you will send to your social audience

After choosing your platform, you can then plan the messages you will send to your social audience. It can be helpful to write out the messages that you want your audience to gain from your social posts and ensure that all content you generate, share or post aligns with this. 

Tools such as Hootsuite, Facebook Scheduled posts and Buffer can help you plan and post content regularly. 

4. Measure the results of your social media strategy

Once all your social media activities are done or progressing, it is important to take stock and measure the results. Remember your initial definition of the 'business value from your social media presence' and ensure your activities are indeed generating value; increase those that seem to work well and perhaps stop those that don't! Measuring and refining should be a continual process and is easiest when not done in isolation.  

Can we help? 

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