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iPages offers unrivalled features and is chosen by businesses over Shopify, Magento and Woocommerce for it's vast eCommerce capability and tailored support.


iPages Versus Shopify

Shopify is attractive for an eCommerce store as it offers the ability to sign up, build your own website and get going. iPages websites are also easy to build however, there is a higher level of branding and customisation available. And there is no need to alarm bells over the cost of this 'branding and customisation' as this is just something we offer, as part of our affordable website service. 

Shopify offer a cart online which you can then add various features too. iPages comes with features such as stock/inventory management, warehouse integration, card integration and customisable SEO fields, as standard. If you were to try and build a comparative solution in iPages, this could prove costly through multiple add-ons. 

The best reason businesses choose iPages is actually cost. Although Shopify quote 2% on card transactions, this ends up being closer to 4-5% after all 'processing fees'. With iPages you simply have a 3% card transaction fee for our basic eCommerce option, or no fees at all on the eCommerce professional option.  

iPages Versus Magento

Magento is a common choice for eCommerce websites by developers however, businesses can then find they cannot easily update or manage this website presence without the support of a developer. iPages websites are easy to manage yourself and also contain the website backend which handles all of your orders and inventory seamlessly. In order to reach a comparable solution with Magento, you'll need to bolt-on an inventory management solution to the eCommerce website front end. This gives you a less tailored and integrated solution.

iPages also provides a simple solution for managing larger product sets. Within Magento, managing variants and product customisation requires time and often duplication; this is simply a matter of clicks within iPages. 

Magento may be free to use however, the maintainence is costly. iPages provide a monthly support and hosting package, with designers and developers on hand to help with managing your eCommerce website. 

iPages Versus WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the eCommerce plugin for Wordpress websites which enables an online cart. This is fundamentally different to an eCommerce platform like iPages as a platform provides all the order management you'll require to run an online business whilst a cart simply allows users to buy your items online.
Wordpress requires installing and there are security issues you can run into when updating your Wordpress version. Many clients come to iPages after painful experiences updating their Wordpress version and plugins, at great length. Building a hosting solution, iPages providers a highly secure, eCommerce website service. 
But isn't Wordpress free? Wordpress may be free (and if the time saved on updates hasn't convinced you) then simply ask our customers and you'll quickly find that the iPages support is worth its weight in gold. Whether you require advice on how to modernise your website or you are unsure how to make SEO or website updates, we are on hand to help. 

Being based in Sussex, UK, we are in control of our own software and able to give unrivalled local support to businesses up and down the country.