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Adding Live Chat to your Website

05 February 2018 11:39

We all know the feeling when you're shopping online and after hours of searching you find it, the perfect product. Everything looks great but you need to double check a few things. Is it compatible with my system? Is it machine washable? Is it suitable for vegans? Full of hope and excitement you scroll down to check the product description, only to find an almost empty paragraph void of all answers. What will you do now? If you were out shopping in a store you could find someone to ask, but you're at home, on the sofa, in your pyjamas, there's no way you're going out like this. All hope seems lost and you slowly start to close your laptop in defeat. Then you see it, the live chat icon in the bottom left of the website...

What is a live chat?

Live chat is a widget that opens communication between a website and its' users through an instant messaging window. The chat usually appears within the browser, letting users communicate with the website by typing messages. When there isn't anyone available to reply, many live chat solutions allow automated messages to be set up so that the user will still be able to use the chat.

Advantages of adding live chat to your website.

  • Convenient. Live chat can be really convenient for both you and your customers. It can be used to send links to your customers and often saves a chat log that can be reviewed later.
  • Word of mouth marketing. Kayko research shows that 29% of customers will tell their friends or colleagues about their positive experiences with live chat.
  • Instant feedback. For customers, live chat is usually faster than phone support, and easier for them to access.
  • Increase Purchases. Kayko research shows that 38% of consumers will be more likely to buy from an eCommerce website if they offer live chat

Disadvantages of adding live chat to your website.

  • Scripted responses can be annoying. Some live chat solutions offer scripted responses when there isn't anyone available. This can cause your customers to become irritated, especially as it can become repetitive, and most people clicking on live chat will expect to be connected with a human.
  • Waiting for a response. When customers click on live chat, they're usually trying to get a quick answer to a problem. If there is a long wait time for a response, customers may become frustrated and leave your website.
  • Not everyone will like it. Some of your more technophobic customers will probably not like live chat and may find it to be more problematic than useful.

Case Studies

Total Gym using TouchChat live chat

Total Gym wanted to increase their online orders. They noticed that they were getting fewer orders by phone and that more of their customers were going to their website. They implemented TouchChat as a solution to meet the needs of their customers, and so that they can answer questions to get their customers past the crucial point in their sales funnel. After implementing the live chat, Total Gym saw an increase of 39% of orders on their website.

Find out more, and read the full case study from Marketing Sherpa - here.

The Sun using Live Engage live chat

Back when The Sun added a paywall to their website in 2013, they needed to implement an easier form of communication for their clients to deal with the backlash. They had to react very quickly to the feedback and questions they were receiving and managed to address 80% of the approximate 250,000 interactions on the website with the live chat. The Sun also found that their live chat performs four times better than voice calls in terms of how long it takes to resolve questions/problems. 

Find out more, and read the full case study from Smart Insights - here.

How to add live chat to your iPages website

You can add live chat to your iPages website by following these steps;

1. Find a Live Chat provider, for example,, LiveChatInc, Pure Chat...

2. Create an account with the provider.

4. Find the website widget script on the backend of the Live Chat. (Most live chat providers will have a very similar looking dashboard, with, this can be found on the Admin page.)

3. Copy and paste the script into the body head script of your website. (To get to the body head script, go to My Site > Pages, then click on "Default Head Tags".

Can we help?

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