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Multi-channel, Multi-warehouse, Multi-Pick Zone

06 November 2019 12:50

How are you storing your product inventory?

When it comes to stock control, where your products are stored really matters. Whether it be your spare bedroom or multiple industrial units, the challenge is still the same, how do you quickly find an item when your customer orders? 

Are you optimising your product picking?

With online retail, this key action is one of the few you'll make – the rest can be beautifully automated. However, for many businesses, the picking/packing and organisation of their inventory can prove a logistical nightmare (forgive the pun).

The time spent searching for products, packing orders, and checking stock can be a heavy manual burden. Worse still, it can be difficult to find an accurate record of where your stock is, and many eCommerce platforms or inventory management systems do not cater for multiple warehouses or locations. 

What does it mean to have multiple pick zones within your warehouse?

iPages has, for a long time, been a multi-warehouse solution for online retailers. However, we are delighted to add the addition of multiple pick zones. This nifty feature allows you to add a pick zone on a per SKU basis and tag these with colours. Your Goods Out Notes (or picking sheets) can then be sorted by bin location and you can print your pick sheets by location. This optimises your picking and speeds up your stock management. 

Can we help?

If you'd like to know more about adding multiple locations, pick zones or warehouses to your inventory management, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.