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New Features - Part Invoice

30 July 2020 14:31

This July we've been really busy adding a series of new features to expand your options when it comes to delivery, fulfilment and invoicing. 

A few weeks ago we added the partial delivery option, where you can take one pick list and dispatch it over multiple deliveries. 

This most recent change allows you to partially invoice for an order at different times. 

How Partial invoice works: 

There is now an option to invoice COMPLETE or invoice PART

  • Complete will invoice all items on the order except those that have been explicitly cancelled (ie allocate cancel completed, or delivery cancelled). 
  • Part will invoice any number that you choose. 

There are also workflows to help you invoice at various stages: 

  • Invoice on Checkout Complete
  • Invoice when fully paid
  • Invoice after x days
  • Invoice on Order Allocate Complete (ie when you make the pick list) 
  • Invoice on Dispatch 


If you want things to stay the same, enable "On Order Allocation Complete -> Invoice the orders for any outstanding items not cancelled" 

If you want to invoice on dispatch, enable "On Delivery note created -> Invoice the items on the delivery note"

If you need help setting these up, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 


Go to Settings - Automation Workflows - Browse All to enable these.