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Grass Seed Online Launches New Ecommerce Website with Stock Control

12 August 2020 15:59

Grass Seed Online opened its eCommerce store this week, and with their expertise should soon be making in-roads into the grass seed market.

According to the Office of National Statistics time spent on gardening has increased during lockdown. This is understandable with more time spent at home, and the garden being the preferred place for entertaining, and naturally lawns are of prime importance when it comes to the garden. However, did you know that different locations need different types of grass seed? And that the type of activity taking place on the grass can have a major effect on what type of grass seed you choose?

That's where Grass Seed Online comes in. Having been in the business for many years the company know what type of grass seed is needed for each distinct area, but they wanted to find an eCommerce solution to sell online.

What did Grass Seed Online require and how did iPages help?

Grass Seed Online had a clear brief for what the website should look like. Branding was of paramount importance, and the need for an excellent search filter to ensure products could be found quickly.

The products came in different sizes, and it was imperative that customers would benefit from buying larger quantities. With price breaks available on variants, this was easy for iPages to provide, and could be added quickly and simply.

It was also essential that all products could be stock controlled, and the whole sales ordering process was as automated as possible. With iPages sales ordering processing and inventory management work hand in hand, and so at anyone time Grass Seed Online will know their real time stock levels.

The company also wanted to be able to provide a Grass Seed Calculator, and give their web visitor information on how to sow grass seed, lawn care and a Step-by-Step Paddock Maintenance Guide.

Fortunately we were able to provide a calculator for them, and with iPages having the ability to add in information pages, and blog posts, then we were able to meet all that Grass Seed Online needed.

We are looking forward to working with Grass Seed Online to help them make an in-road into the grass seed market.