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What Makes A Perfect Website Product Page?

29 January 2020 13:36

When a customer is on your eCommerce website, looking to purchase your product, you have one main page that will determine whether a customer purchases - your product page! We all know the feeling of getting onto a site, reading a little around a brand, clicking on the product page and not being quite convinced that we want to purchase. 

How can you create brilliant product pages that convert your customers?

 What should you include on a product page to make it brilliant? This month we have been working with one of our customers, Charlotte Rhys, to build out their website and here are our tips for what to include within a product page. 


A product title that contains the full product name

It can be tempting to make your product title the shortest possible reference to your product i.e. for this page we could call our item "Body Creme". However, there are benefits to building this out slightly to include key information such as the brand, size and the range. These details help a customer understand the product quickly and means they aren't searching for details such as size. 

If your product has size variants, be sure to append the size details to the end of your product title for each variant. About 60 characters is a good length to cut your titles as Google shows the first 50-60 of a title tag. Make sure that your product title tags are unique for each product. 

A cutout product image on a consistent (typically white) background 

This sounds basic but cut out images (images on a pure white background) help to make your product stand out. They’re more appealing to the eye since there is less distraction helping the eye to focus on the product and they help your products look consistent across your website and more professional which should help sales. It’s important to note that not all products will suit being cut out. Wallpaper and flooring for example will look best in lifestyle shots.

A product description that is longer than a sentence... 

Search engines cannot see your product images so the main source of product information is from your description. Many sites we see will have a description that is a sentence long and, whilst good, this wastes an opportunity to really sell your product to your consumers and help your product page ranking. 

When writing your product descriptions bear in mind that you are primarily writing for a customer to inform them about your product . Essentially you are writing your sales pitch for the product. It's important therefore not to copy content from other websites, keyword stuff or go overboard in terms of the length of your description. If you purchase your items from a manufacturer, it can be tempting to copy and paste their wording into your site - this does your SEO no favours and does not make your site stand out from other resellers of the same brand. However, do try to use the product's title in the description a couple of times so that it is clear to both your customer and search engines what the product is that you are selling.

Product reviews

Research shows that over 70% of  customers look for product reviews. Reviews provide great assurance about a product and also help your product page SEO through the unique, user-generated content. If you do not yet have product reviews on your product pages, get in touch with our team who will be able to help you add these in. 

You can read more about how reviews work on iPages here

Clear product delivery information

It can be frustrating to have to dig around a website - or even go right to the end of a checkout - before the delivery costs of your item are clear. Try to make sure your delivery information is available on your product page to help your customers gauge the total cost of ordering from you. 

Can we help? 

If you have questions about your product page and want to discuss more about how to ensure these are the very best they can be, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team here